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Linen is good in summer

  • Saturday , Date 17/11/2018
  • will be together with you. Find more and find a material that is good, suitable for those who like the comfort of clothing offline.

    Lace fabric is a kind of silk, material slightly like raw fabric, but the fabric is soft and smooth. Natural wicks are woven from yarn and dyed with fruit, so the products are very rustic, natural, with a luxury not sophisticated. In the summer, the wand cloth is very cool so many people choose. Then how to wear and preserve litchi, let's see it!

    1. Is the scarf tight?

    Cotton garbled clothing will definitely shrink when you first wash. Make it clear: garment clothes will not shrink, but it will be shrink after washing 2-5 times. Then there will be no more. Because the fabric is actually a kind of natural silk, the chisel is the raw form of silk, which silk is basically a shrinkage fabric quite a lot. If the fabric is 100% natural, then there will be quite a lot. Usually have length and width of 1 => 1.5cm. However, the wand is more or less depending on the quality of the garment. Also, do not worry too much when selecting lace, just note the following.
    First of all, choose a good chiffon cloth, do not hammer cheap. In addition, because the cushion should be sewing or sewing you have to sew wide and longer. Average about 1.5cm. If you choose the clothes you choose just after that, after washing your suit will be short or tight. It is best when you buy clothes, you should wash several times and then look at pants or dress, the skirt is long, need to cut or edit anything. As soon as the dress is cut to fit, it is very likely after washing several times, the clothes are shrunk leading to not fit.

    2. Add some notes on how to wash and preserve cloth If possible, you should not wash your laundry with a washing machine. The washing machine will make the garment quickly damaged, torn, bucket weaving cloth (because the cloth is 100% natural).

    If you can not wash it by hand, you should put it in the bag before putting it into the washing machine. You should not expose your cheeks under heavy sunshine (40 degrees Celsius). Direct sunlight can quickly discolor the fabric and create dry, dry stains.

    Do not soak your cheeks in bleach or hot water. You should also iron the cheesecloth at a temperature that is not too hot. One more important note is that chunky clothes are not suitable for playing sports activities.

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